Making it count 

"Thanks to you we had 60 little smiling faces"



The team at Signet Connect for Rewards is always willing to help for those extra special occasions. Gift cards are always extremely popular but we also have many clients who order jewellery and watches directly with us. This might be for a long service award or recognition of a great achievement however sometimes we also receive some slightly unusual orders too...

Tick Tock

We had a enquiry from a school with a request for some watches - a simple request we thought, perhaps for a retirement or work anniversary. Upon speaking with the customer the request was actually to supply watches to their pupils, all 60 of them. They were learning to tell the time and the school wanted to present them all with watches to aid with their learning. 

We identified the watch which was required and we were able to order and dispatch them to the school the same day.  The school responded to say that we had provided a great service and such a prompt response and delivery. 

It's occasions such as this when we can truly rely on our size as a jewellery business to know we can fulfil large orders of the same item and in this case, keep 60 children very happy indeed.

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