A sparkling request 

"I couldn't have done all of this without your help"

We are always happy to help and when a specific request for a non-standard product comes in, we rise to the challenge. Our team work hard to ensure that all our customers can purchase the pieces they require and through our relationships with brands and suppliers, we endeavour to meet every request.

Sparkling Crystal

Many people collect Swarovski crystal and for those special occasions or events these pieces can be treasured forever. Our team received a request for two Swarovski Collectors Society Annual Edition pieces. These are only produced once a year and can only be purchased in the year of release. The recipients were all members of the Swarovski Crystal Society and so we began the search.

Having found two pieces the client then requested a third piece, which again we sourced for them. In addition we knew our stores were holding a Swarovski event at the same time so we informed the client who was able to go and view and purchase other products on the event day.

It is these moments when we can really shine to provide our clients and customers with exceptional service and our team received this wonderful message of thanks:

" Thanks, I couldn't of done all of this without your help. At least I know what to do now when I order anything else."

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