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At Signet Connect we know that insurance jewellery claims can take time, so we have developed a solution which offers you the ability to instantly settle claims, even at FNOL.

 What is Resolutions?


When a claim can be settled straight away, our Resolutions platform provides your teams with the ability to order a Signet Insurance Replacement E-Card or Physical card, which is issued directly to the customer. 

For more complex cases that you have already asked us to deal with, our Claim Search facility allows your team to check on the status of a case, view activities, send us information or just ask questions, which will help us to resolve the claim without the need to call us.  

Our platform also provides your customers with a separate and more restricted view giving them insight into the progress of their claim, accessible at home or on the go, giving them peace of mind. 


It’s secure and safe

Resolutions gives your teams a way to settle cases quickly, and without the need for multiple touch points, including full system audit capabilities, user password protection and commercial controls to support risk

It’s designed to be simple

Allowing your teams to access and send us information from their office location, and your customers to track their own cases from the comfort of their homes

It’s instant

With Resolutions, your teams can create, settle and close cases in just a matter of minutes

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How Resolutions can help…

Your business

Operational time and effort throughout each individual claim can be a heavy resource on your teams, and where a claim is complex, it is important to spend time listening and understanding the situation.

For straightforward claims, Resolutions eliminates many of the contact points which can occur and delivers an approach which goes above and beyond for each and every customer.

Our platform is accessed via the internet, meaning there is no IT implementation required.

Your teams

There is now no need to call Signet Connect to resolve an insurance claim.

From the first point of contact with the customer, your teams can immediately create settle on the case through the Resolutions platform, without the need for supplier instructions or creating delays in waiting for item validations to be completed.

All open cases can be viewed and your teams can see the actions and activities throughout the process of the customer’s claim.

If the customer is not already registered on our system, a new claim reference number is automatically generated at the point of your settlement request.

We have ensured that where the customer wants to replace their jewellery with Signet, this can now be completed without any delay.

and more importantly, your customers

Now your customers can view the progress of their claim whenever they need to.

They can view key milestones such as appointments, actions or outcomes which have taken place.

Customers can access this at any time, whether from a mobile, tablet or PC, to check what is happening with their case.

Resolutions saves time for you and delivers a straightforward solution for your customers.


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