Choice is important to you and for your customers, therefore it's important to us. Our priority is to make sure your customers have the ability to choose how they would like to settle a claim.

Our approach

Alongside our own branded settlement solutions with H.Samuel and Ernest Jones, we have a wide range of alternative options which the customer might prefer to select. Each customer has different needs and expectations and throughout our conversations with them we identify how they might like to settle their claim. We help the customers reach the next stage in their journey - replacing their jewellery. 

Replacement cards 

Our Signet Connect Replacement Cards can be loaded with the monetary value of the customer's settlement figure and can be used to buy products of their choice in either our H.Samuel and Ernest Jones brands. We hope your customer can find something equally precious to create a new memory with products from our much-loved jewellery or watch ranges. We have both physical and digital options to suit the needs of the customer.

Physical Replacement Cards: The physical insurance Replacement Card is delivered in 3-5 days straight to your customers home or nearest store.

Digital Replacement Cards: The digital e-insurance Replacement Card is a quick option with delivery in 30 minutes from authorisation.

Signet Connect Insurance Replacement Card

Direct product replacement

Our direct product replacement service, allows your customer to settle with a product replacement ordered by our team. This will be delivered directly to the customer's home or nearest store. 

Customers can choose from our full range of products in H.Samuel and Ernest Jones and often can exactly replace the item they have lost. We help and advise customers to find the right products for replacement. 

Repair and restoration

Repairing a damaged item can be very challenging, as customers remember how it looked when it was new.

We know that taking the customer step by step through the repair process is vital to completing any restoration work successfully, with the final inspection taking place at one of our stores in person.

We deliver a repair service that always puts the customer first. Our experience in jewellery means we can efficiently reach fulfilment, or move forward to a more in-depth enquiry about the claim.

We make connections between people and their jewellery balanced with our expertise and knowledge to restore the original memory the customer had of their precious item.

Prestige watch service

Our prestige watch service is for those with prestige watches not held within our collection. We have partnered with one of the UK's leading independent prestige watch retailers, where customers can chat with experts online to choose the prestige brand and range of products to suit both style and taste. Home delivery is also available.

We can engage a fully managed concierge service to create a unique customer experience the centre of London.

Your customers can enjoy the privilege of private viewing appointments and consultations with experts for an exceptional experience with one of the world's most prestigious brands.

Bespoke design commission

Our bespoke design commission service is for those that want a more personal touch. We can design and create almost any piece of jewellery whether to replicate a lost item or create something new. Please ask us about our bespoke service to learn more.

Asian jewellery 

For customers with Asian jewellery, we have partnered with specialists in Asian jewellery to ensure we can accurately validate and replace items which are 22 carat gold or orginally brought abroad.

Multi retail voucher

Our Multi Retail Voucher service is for those that do not want a like for like replacement of jewellery. To accommodate these customers we are part of the Love2shop scheme which means we can issue a voucher with over 50 participating retailers. Love2shop vouchers can be spent on items from DIY to restaurants, fashion to footwear, leisure and holidays.

Independent jewellers card

Our independent jewellers card service is for customers who may have an existing relationship with an independent jeweller or want to purchase beyond the Signet range.

Customers can choose a card which is accepted by over 1500 nationwide jewellers giving them more options to spend on items outside our Signet range of products.

Cash settlement

Our cash settlement service is for customers who simply want to opt for cash. We are always listening to your customers and if cash is their preferred route to settlement over and above any of the other options available to them, we will ensure this is instructed back to you in order to complete the claim. We take the time to explain how the cash settlement will work so they are fully informed about how the cash will be issued.

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