A rewarding experience and role

"It's about creating a new memory with jewellery that helps someone smile again"


The team at Signet Connect speak to a wide variety of people every day. Through case ownership each customer has only one point of contact throughout the whole claim. This helps to put the customer at ease and we understand their needs and requirements until the claim is fully resolved.

One of the most rewarding aspects comes from the feedback we receive from customers we have helped. However this is often a reciprocated emotion as each member of the team also in turn expresses how rewarding their job can be. 

Working together

One of our most experienced case handlers with Signet Connect, talks through some of her observations:

"Sometimes customers can be a little reticent because they’re going through hardship emotionally because of what has happened. So I am always sympathetic and I gently remind them that I am here to help them. I tell them that we will work through this together.

This is important because my aim is to help them get back to where they were; by somehow replacing the loss of their item and help them through their emotional journey to their happy ending. I understand their issues whilst also helping them to resolve and come to a resolution for their personal case.

When I look at our Signet Connect values there is one which really resonates with me: Understanding

It is so important to our role. We understand that customers may have faced awful situations such as burglary so it’s important to help the customer thoroughly by showing them I genuinely understand their situation and by doing so I’m truly helping them to build a new memory from a lost one."

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