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A rewarding experience and role

Signet Connect - meeting the needs of your customers

The team at Signet Connect speak to a wide variety of people every day. Through case ownership each customer has only one point of contact throughout the whole claim. This helps to put the customer at ease and we understand their needs and requirements until the claim is fully resolved.

One of the most rewarding aspects comes from the feedback we receive from customers we have helped. However this is often a reciprocated emotion as each member of the team also in turn expresses how rewarding their job can be. 

One of our most experienced case handlers with Signet Connect, talks through some of her observations...

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It's all about customer choice

By it's nature, jewellery evokes excitement and anticipation when making a purchase...

There have been significant changes across the insurance industry with a renewed focus on customer choice. Signet Connect has strategically evolved to offer a suite of solutions which enables the customer to choose when making a claim for lost, stolen or damaged jewellery.

However there are occasions where going above and beyond is the only way to resolve a claim...

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We are with you all the way

At Signet Connect we live by our words and support every customer along each step of their claim journey. Our dedicated Claim Handlers are not only trained to validate and assess precious pieces of jewellery, but they also understand loss and know the true value of the human touch, especially in times of emotional distress.

Being at home during a burglary is deeply upsetting and traumatic, as one customer described when she was contacted by one of our most experienced handlers following her ordeal... 


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